Manigem herzen


Ensemble nu:n, CD, manigem herzen, Cora Schmeiser, Gerd Anklam, Falk Zenker


Inspired by Meister Eckhart (1260-1327), who described the “now” (German: nûn) in the mystical sense as a moment in which the past and future merge together, the ensemble gave itself its name: Nun [nu:n]. The three musicians delve into the earliest surviving sources of the music, and give secular and sacred hymns, eloquent and sensitive texts and enchanting melodies a new sonic guise of our time resulting form profound and virtuoso improvisation.

Cora Schmeiser - voice | Gert Anklam - soprano- and baritone saxophone | Falk Zenker - acoustic- and electric guitar, live looping, harmonic tubes and spring drum, noise instruments


Ensemble nu:n, CD, manigem herzen, Cora Schmeiser, Gerd Anklam, Falk Zenker

Falk Zenker, Sebastian Pank -production

CD data: RK 3901 / DDD / GEMA / Raumklang 2019 / EAN 4018767039016 / total time: 57’36


sound samples

01 • Manigem herzen tet der kalte winter leide

Minnelied, Heinrich von Veldeke, before 1150 - ca. 1190, melody reconstructed by Cora Schmeiser


02 • Unicornis captivatur

Codex Engelberg, 14th century



03 • O choruscans lux, antifoon

Hildegard von Bingen, 1098 - 1179



04 • De moi dolereus vos chant

Trouvère song, Guiot de Dijon, fl. ca. 1215 - 1225 and excerpts from La Tierche Estampie Royal, courtly dance, ca. 1290, both pieces Manuscrit du Roi, France



05 • Quis dabit

Lament, (Book of Jeremiah Chapter 9), Codex Las Huelgas, Burgos, 13th century



06 • Conditor alme siderum

Hymn, ca. 7th century, Vesperale Monasticum, Gerleve Abbey



07 • Quant je voi les vergiers florir

Trouvère song, Raoul de Ferrières, fl. ca. 1200 - '10, Manuscrit du Roi, France



Texts: Latin, lower german, french

The guitarist, composer and sound artist Falk Zenker from Weimar founded Ensemble N:un in 2003. From 2011 on, he and the Berlin based saxophonist and composer Gert Anklam and the soprano Cora Schmeiser tour through Germany, Austria and Denmark. N:un Vokal performed in different settings, in numerous concert series and festivals in many important medieval churches. 'Manigem herzen' was performed in 2022 in the Netherlands in the Goethe Institute, Rotterdam.

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