Saturday, February 24, 20:30 hrs. / crimmp_26, the alchemy of the word / (ensemble) / Contribution to an evening curated by the Rotterdam writer-poet Lodewijk Ouwens about the chemistry between language, music and sound. Instant poetry, spontaneous translations, improvisation and serendipity. Tragic and hilarious. With, amongst others: nigredo 010, Pieter Loef, Lisse Knaapen and Bart Wolvecamp / OCW, stage for small scale events, Rotterdam.

Monday, March 12, 20 hrs. / Wunderzeichen, Sternenzauber und Unheilsverkündung / (ensemble) / Concert as part of the ZAMUS Kölner Fest für Alte Musik by the Renaissance Violin Band ’Exquisite Noyse’ with Cora Schmeise (recitation and vocals). Music by Josquin, Lassus, Le Jeune and Trabaci / Sancta-Clara-Keller, Am Römerturm 3, Cologne.


Cora Schmeiser, photo © Florian Cramer

photo © Florian Cramer