Sunday, 17 June, 15 hrs.  / Animals, ladies and miraculous creatures from the melody cabinet of a voxcalist / (solo) / An afternoon with medieval songs by the french trobador-poet Bernard de Ventadorn, Richart de Berbezilh and unknown bards like the german minnesänger der wilde Alexander and Oswald von Wolkenstein combined with dadaistic sound poetry and compositions by contemporary composers like Beth Anderson and John Cage. Cora accompanies herself with hurry gurdy and sound bowl / Tante Nino, van der Takstraat 102b, Rotterdam

Friday, June 22, from 16 hrs. on / Koerikoeloem / (ensemble) / Performance during the Sunsation festival / Lelystad (NL).

Saturday, 23 June, 16 hrs. / Stelzenfestspiele / (ensemble) / Concert by Ensemble Nu:n_Vokal: Gert Anklam – saxophones, Falk Zenker – guitar & live electronics and Cora Schmeiser - voice & recitation / Tanna bei Reuth (D).

Sunday, July 1, 18 hrs. / (ensemble) / Concert with the Lunyala trio: Lucia Mense - flutes, Dietmar Bonnen - keys and percussion, Cora Schmeiser - voice, on the occasion of the finissage of visual artist Ellen Keusen / Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach (D).

Friday, July 6, 19 hrs. / Ordo Virtutum / (ensemble) / Mystery play and CD-release with and by Ars Choralis Coeln. Openingsconcert of the Montalbâne Festival / Church of the Cistercian Abbey Pforta (D).

Saturday, July 7, 15 hrs. / Singende Steine. Die versteinerten Psalmen der Kreuzgangkapitelle in Cluny / (ensemble) / Concert of the Montalbâne Ensemble as part of the Montalbâne Festival / Klosterkirche Schulpforte (D).

Sunday, July 8, 10 hrs. / Musikalischer Festgottesdienst / (ensemble) / Concert as part of the Montalbâne Festival with collaboration of the Freyburger vicar Arvid Reschke. Ars Choralis Coeln sings liturgic music from European Cistercian Nunneries / Stadtkirche St. Marien, Freyburg (D).

Sunday, September 9 / Koerikoeloem / (ensemble) / Two performances during the Gaudeamus music week (NL).

Sunday, November 4 / Koerikoeloem / (ensemble) / Two performances during November Music / ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL).


Cora Schmeiser, photo © Florian Cramer

photo © Florian Cramer