Friday, December 8 from 19.30 hrs on / (solo) / HAPPY STREETS / Mini-music festival in gallery PHOEBUS Rotterdam: Cora Schmeiser mixes music by Hildegard von Bingen with words from Simon Benson’s art works. Five sessions of 11 minutes each / Eendrachtsweg 61 Rotterdam.

Saturday, December 9, from 20 hrs on / (ensemble) / Dusk to Dawn Choruses / a musical evening by Song-Ming Ang & Julien Grossmann with Jan Adriaans, Milou Van Ham, Michiel Huijben, Cora Schmeiser and Kathrin Wolkowicz within the scope of Disclosed #1 / Het Wilde Weten, Robert Fruinstraat 35, Rotterdam.

Sunday, December 10, 19 hrs / (ensemble) / European Christmas music from three centuries / Concert with Ars Choralis Coeln and Markus Belmann (organ) conducted by Joachim Diessner (counter tenor) / Versöhnungskirche, Cologne - Neuehrenfeld.

Cora Schmeiser, photo © Florian Cramer

photo © Florian Cramer