From a tender shoot

Cora Schmeiser, Gert Anklam, Falk Zenker, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'From a tender shoot'

Ensemble Nu:n stages the musical origins of the Christian feast of Christmas. The musicians transform ancient hymns like: Veni remptor gentium from the 4th century, Gregorian chants of the season of Advent: Aleluja. Dies santificatus, and Conditor alme siderum, and a number of late medieval German Christmas songs: Sei willkommen, Herre Christ, Joseph and lieber Joseph mein, into a unique accoustic cosmos.

„Every title became a soundwave, that completely flooded the hall. Breathless silence filled the room before the ovation started. Here were master musicians at work. After a storm of applause they effortlessly added an extra with an high spirited encore. Christa Vogel, SZ Bautzen, 19.04.2010

Cora Schmeiser - vocals, recitation | Gert Anklam - soprano- and baritone-saxophone | Falk Zenker - accoustic-, electric guitar and live looping

The guitarist, composer and sound artist Falk Zenker from Weimar founded Ensemble N:un in 2003. From 2011 on, he and the Berlin based saxophonist and composer Gert Anklam and the soprano Cora Schmeiser tour through Germany, Austria and Denmark. N:un Vokal performed in different settings, in numerous concert series and festivals in many important medieval churches.


Texts: German, latin.

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Cora Schmeiser, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'From a tender shoot''

Gert Anklam, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'From a tender shoot'