Friday, 17 December, 19.30 hrs.

Laurentius en Elisabeth cathedral, Mathenesserlaan 305, 3021 HK Rotterdam

Free entrance, donation welcome

Cora Schmeiser, Gert Anklam, Falk Zenker, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'The sound of mysticism'

photo © Paul Joachim Müller

Cora Schmeiser - vocals, recitation

Gert Anklam – saxophones

Falk Zenker – guitars, live electronics

Updated versions of powerful Gregorian chants, mystical texts and angelic songs from medieval manuscripts by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and others unfold in space as part of the musical search for eternity in the here and now.

„This new old music tempts you to close your eyes and be carried off to the beauty of the spiritual landscape of the soul.“ WA, Hamm, 30.09.14, Werner Lautenbach

„For a long time, the performances of the Weimar guitarist Falk Zenker and the Berlin saxophonist Gert Anklam count to the insider tips of connoiseurs within the medieval music community, because of the conscientious and inspired way they first dig up the roots of western music in order to transplant them very cautiously to our present time. BR Klassik „Tafel-Confect“, Torsten Preuß/ Alte Musik, 13.07.2014


The guitarist, composer and sound artist Falk Zenker from Weimar founded Ensemble N:un in 2003. From 2011 on, he and the Berlin based saxophonist and composer Gert Anklam and the soprano Cora Schmeiser tour under the name Nu:n Vokal through Germany, Austria and Denmark. N:un Vokal performed in different settings, in numerous concert series and festivals in many important medieval churches.



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Cora Schmeiser, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'The sound of mysticism'

Gert Anklam, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'The sound of mysticism''

Falk Zenker, ensemble Nu:n Vokal, 'The sound of mysticism'

photo's © Paul Joachim Müller