Ma / Stille Konzert # 1 - Zwischenräume


Ma ist ein Japanisches ‘Concept’, das den ‘Zwischenraum’ zwischen Objekten wiedergibt. In einer künstlerischen Aufführung kann es als 'leerer Raum’, ‘Pause’ und ‘Stille’ interpretiert werden und erhält oft genauso viel Bedeutung wie das Objekt selbst. In unserem Konzertprojekt untersuchen wir die Erfahrung des “Raumes und Klanges dazwischen'.

Ma is a Japanese term which can be translated as ‘gap’, ‘space’ or ‘pause’. In artistic practice, it is interpreted as a concept of empty space, often holding as much importance as the rest of an artwork. In our sonic project, we are exploring the experience of ‘space in between’. This refers to both physical space in which sounds are manifested and to an interplay between silence and sounds produced by musical instruments and various objects. Space in between is a performance where equal space is given to music as it is to all the other sonic activities that can be recognised as silence or noise. Ma aims to offer to the audience the space to embark on a personal inner journey through enhanced listening experience. By means of our instruments - cello, voice and small objects - we form a sound environment that offers recognition and association with our own feelings -  in nature, society, everyday life and fantasy. These concert series create time for reflection, exploration, awareness and experimentation for audience and musicians.
Listening to sound/music is a very personal process that includes emotions, memories and associations. On a psychological level, listening to music can help to reduce stress, ease pain, boost mental wellbeing. Ma asks, through this communal activity of listening together in space, how can we engage in a healing process? How can we utilise sound, space and music to ease the generalised heightened anxiety, stress and isolation during the continuing slow emergence from the consequences of the pandemic?

Stille Konzert # 1 mit Werke von u.a. Tenney, Cardew, Oliveras und Cage.

Ma sind: Cora Schmeiser (Stimme & Objekte), Lucija Gregov (Cello & Objekte), Nina Hitz (Cello & Objekte) und Emma Houston (Stimme & Objekte).


Cora Schmeiser, Nina Hitz, Emma Houston, Lucija Gregov